Canadian Living Digital FAQ

  • What is included in a Canadian Living Digital subscription?

    Your Canadian Living Digital subscription includes all of the stories and photos you enjoy, plus additional benefits including:
    - Immediate access: Read your first issue right away, rather than waiting several weeks for a print version to arrive.
    - Automatic delivery: Every issue is sent directly to your email as soon as it’s available.
    - Access Anywhere: Anywhere you have access to a computer, phone or tablet, you now have access to your magazine.
    - An interactive Table of Contents: Link directly to your favorite stories quickly and easily.
    - Quick links: Visit any URL found within the magazine content with just one click.
    - Search: Find the article mentioning a topic you like in seconds and go right to that page.
    - Highlight and take notes on any magazine's pages and save for later.
    - Share: Send the article you enjoy to your friends or post to any social networking site in 2 clicks.
    - Clutter Free Archiving: Store back issues on your computer for fast and easy access.

  • How can I subscribe to Canadian Living digital?

    You can subscribe online by visiting our subscription page here. Note that by subscribing to the digital version of Canadian Living, you will have access to your magazine via Zinio.

  • What application will I use to read my digital magazine?

    You can read your digital magazine using the Zinio digital application. With Zinio, you can read your magazines on various tablet and smartphone devices, as well as your computer. Readers can store and read full magazines offline, sync libraries across multiples devices and search digital magazine archives.

  • Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read my issues?

    You only need to be connected to the internet to download the issue(s). Once downloaded, you can read your issue(s) offline anytime you want, without needing to be connected.

  • Are back issues included in my Canadian Living Digital subscription?

    No, you will only have access to the issues from the start of your subscription onwards.

Zinio FAQ

  • How will I know when the next issue is available?

    You will receive an email notification each time a new issue is available. You can also find your magazines on in the “My Library” section and read online or download from there. Finally, if you have installed the Zinio Reader on your computer, it will automatically check for new issues when you are connected to the internet and let you know when they are available.

  • How can I access my digital magazine?

    You can access your digital magazines at any time through "My Library" on or by clicking on the links in the notification email you will receive for each new issue. You can also access your magazines at any time within the Zinio offline reader if you have chosen to download it.

  • What is My Library?

    "My Library" is your personal digital library that is found on Your magazine issues will be placed here for easy access to read online or download for offline reading. You can also re-access issues here that you have already read. You will be directed to create a login and to access your library from the notification emails you will receive each time a new issue is available.

  • Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read my magazines?

    No, you only need to be connected when you download your issues. After that, you can take your computer anywhere and read your magazines offline. Of course, certain features such as hyperlinks in articles and advertisements, or "Send to Friend," require an Internet connection.

  • How can I save my digital magazines?

    If you have downloaded the Zinio offline reader, each issue you receive is stored on your hard drive for easy access and archiving. If you use the Zinio online reader, your 100 most recent issues will be available in My Library on for easy access.

  • I subscribed but I haven’t received my Zinio digital magazine, what should I do?

    The digital version of the magazine is usually available 2 days before the newsstand. If you have not received the notification email, you can check for availability in your Zinio library. You can also check the end date of your subscription by accessing your account. If your subscription has expired, you can renew it directly in your account. You can also contact our Subscriber Services: by email at or by phone at 416-380-7414.

  • Who can I contact for additional Zinio related questions?

    Please visit Zinio's Help Desk at